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EV Ready Plans for Residential & Commercial EV Charging Stations

When searching for an EV charging station, you may encounter challenges, especially for home installations. At Somerton Electric, our experts are highly skilled in EV charging station installations, servicing, and maintenance, ensuring your electric vehicle is always ready for the road. We have successfully installed hundreds of EV chargers, catering to both commercial and residential buildings in London, Ontario.

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These stations are designed to facilitate electric vehicle charging at your residence. If your electric car didn’t come with a charging station, we can provide you with everything you need to ensure your EV is always charged and ready.

At Somerton Electric, we offer various levels of EV charger stations, each designed for different purposes. We provide comprehensive instructions and information on each level to help you choose the best charger for your specific needs.

The three levels of EV charging stations we offer range from 120V, which can be plugged into a standard 15A receptacle, to 480V, known as DC fast charging. It’s important to note that not all vehicles are compatible with this type of equipment. Additionally, we can install Tesla superchargers, equivalent to the 480V charger, specifically compatible with the Tesla Model S.

EV Ready Plans for Charging Rebates

At Somerton Electric, our services extend beyond just installing EV charging stations; we ensure your chargers are maintained to function at their best whenever you require them. In London, Ontario, our skilled technicians are not only proficient in servicing chargers, but they also prioritize educating you on the proper operation of your charger to prevent any future issues. We cater to a diverse client base, offering our installation and support services for both residential homes and commercial properties—ranging from single-home residents to multi-complex dwellings, as well as business premises. We are committed to delivering excellence to each customer.

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