Aluminum Wiring Replacement
In London, Ontario

Aluminum Wiring Solutions

Somerton Electric is a trusted industry leader renowned for its expertise in aluminum wiring upgrades. With a commitment to safety and innovation, we have consistently delivered top-notch solutions to address the inherent risks associated with aluminum wiring in residential and commercial properties.

Our team of highly skilled professionals employs cutting-edge techniques and materials to ensure the seamless replacement or retrofitting of aluminum wiring systems. Through meticulous inspections, comprehensive assessments, and rigorous compliance with industry standards, we guarantee that our upgrades not only enhance electrical reliability but also mitigate fire hazards, making homes and businesses safer places. 

Enhanced Safety

Replacing aluminum wiring is chiefly about safety, beyond just meeting current standards. Upgrading from aluminum to modern copper wiring minimizes the risk of electrical fires linked to outdated systems. For homeowners and property managers, this upgrade underscores a commitment to the well-being of occupants and the protection of assets.

Increased Property Value

Investing in aluminum wiring replacement enhances your property's value. Informed homebuyers and tenants prioritize modern electrical systems. By updating from aluminum wiring, you align with current standards and elevate your property's market appeal. Such an upgrade showcases foresight and attention to detail, making your property stand out.

Unrivalled Electrical

With years of industry experience, Somerton Electrical has built an unrivaled reputation for being dependable, efficient, and always putting the customer first. From rewiring an entire property to fixing a faulty outlet, the team at Somerton Electrical has the expertise and know-how to get the job done right the first time around.