Smart Home Device Services
In London, Ontario

Smart Home Device Services with Somerton Electric

Somerton Electric can install your smart lighting, blinds, thermostat, and more! You can save time, energy, and money with an automated smart home system.

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Consultation for a Smart Home Installation

We offer a variety of smart home services from installations to repairs. Book a consultation at (519) 878-8228 to see which smart home devices are right for you!

Benefits of Smart Home Devices

You can use voice control with home speakers; make your home devices automated on a schedule; control your home environment through your phone; monitor your home with smart cameras... The options are endless! Not only do smart devices make your life easier, they also can save energy.

Specialized Smart Home Installers

There are various smart home products that can be installed to make devices and applications easier to control. We are specialized installers of smart home thermostats, blinds, and lights.

Smart Thermostats, Blinds, and Lights

The benefits are unending: smart thermostats save energy and money, smart lights can be automated or give remote control, and rooms with windows can be motorized.

Proper Installation of Smart Technology

To ensure there are no issues or technical errors with your smart home devices, proper installation and calibration are essential. That is why it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals with Somerton Electric.