EV Chargers Service & Installation
In London, Ontario

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Professional EV Charger Installations for Modern Electric Vehicle Owners

We supply and install electric vehicle chargers. Electric vehicles are projected to be the standard choice in the near future. At least 20% of new vehicles sold in Canada will be zero emission by 2026, at least 60% by 2030, and 100% by 2035 (Canada.ca). Somerton Electric has qualified electricians to help set you up with a residential electric vehicle charger.

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Electric Charger Connector Types

CCS: Only vehicles without an adapter. Manufacturers include Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, and more!

CHAdeMo: The official standard connector for DC fast charging stations. Manufacturers include Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Tesla: With this charger, there is no need to have a different connector than the other standards require.

Qualified EVC Experts
Our experts will walk you through the process and ensure your home or business can sustain charging your electric vehicle. We always take customer preferences into account as we install the features.

Types of Electric Vehicles Brands

The most common electric car brands are: Tesla, Lucid Motors, Zoox, Aptiv, Rivian, NIO, Nissan, and Volvo.

The Tesla Model 3 Mid Range and Tesla Model Long Range bring the highest ranked electric vehicles in Canada.

EVC Chargers

There are three levels of EVC chargers :
Level 1 Charging: 120-Volt
Level 2 Charging: 208-Volt to 240-Volt
Level 3 Charging: 400-Volt to 900-Volt (DC Fast Charge and Supercharging)

Why Choose Somerton Electric for Your EV Charger Installation in London, Ontario?

We take pride in being one of London, Ontario’s leading EV charging station contractors, with numerous successful EV charger installations in the area. To support the transition to lower carbon transportation options, such as electric vehicles (EVs), Somerton Electric is committed to working alongside local partners to offer incentives for the purchase and installation of Level 2 EV charging stations through the EV ChargeON Program in Ontario.

EV Charging Installation

EV Charging Incentives

Unlock the Benefits of Electric Driving with EV Charging Incentives. Discover Savings and Benefits for Eco-friendly Mobility.

EV Ready Plans

Prepare for the Future with Our EV Ready Plans – Your Blueprint to a Fully Equipped Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.